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Who is ready to get their retail therapy on! You have come to the right place, but I must warn you this affordable indulgence is very addictive. 

My name is Misty Larson. I am an Independent Paparazzi Accessories Consultant. We offer accessories for the whole family, women, men and kids.

Paparazzi jewelry meets applicable consumer safety laws and regulations in the United States. The metals found in Paparazzi Accessories pieces are primarily made of iron and include other trace minerals. Those trace minerals are made up of a metallic alloy of either zinc, steel, aluminum, or copper. Before our jewelry is sold, Paparazzi tests its jewelry for chemicals of concern using labs that are accepted by the United States Consumer Products Safety Commission. Paparazzi jewelry is required to undergo testing for compliance with California’s Proposition 65, which includes testing for all heavy metals including lead, nickel, cadmium as well as phthalates. California’s Proposition 65 is one of the most stringent consumer laws in the US, and Paparazzi’s jewelry complies with Proposition 65.

Paparazzi Accessories are not hypo-allergenic.
Some of the Paparazzi products are made of actual leather, while others are made from synthetic leather or suede, which is a mix of plastics and fabric. It is the same type of material found in many shoes, jackets, and other apparel. While some people may be more sensitive to the smell of these items, it is not harmful. Removing the bracelets from the plastic they are packaged in will help the smell dissipate more quickly if desired.
Some of the bracelets and rings may have latex in the elastic/stretch band. Paparazzi recommends that those persons with sensitivity to latex buy the suede or leather bracelets instead.

Pursuant to the Green Guide, a company is permitted to describe an item is “free-of” or “does-not-contain” a certain substance, even for a product, package, or service that contains or uses a trace amount of the substance if: (1) the level of the specified substance is no more than that which would be found as an acknowledged trace contaminant or background level; (2) the substance’s presence does not cause material harm that consumers typically associate with that substance; and (3) the substance has not been added intentionally to the product.

Note: At this time we are only allowed to ship to the United States and U.S. territories. 

These include (but are not limited to): ​
Marshall Islands
APOs (or any other military address)